Accent Forex Private Room


Design, Development


Jade, NodeJS

Related technologies:

Less, WordPress, Gulp.js, I18next

We have developed software and your Personal Trader’s account for the brokerage company. Moreover, we used the technology to ensure the highest level of security for the development. All data is stored and transferred in an encrypted form.

In the development of the user interface participated as broker’s representatives and traders with experience participated in customer interface development. This would make a very responsive and intuitive interface.

Automation of payments provides maximum flexibility and convenience for traders, as well as the ability to manage their funds quickly and safely.

Collection and processing of payment data, running reports online and analyzing the trader’s work gives him a huge advantage and the opportunity to optimize his trading strategies.

You can order a website or a personal account similar to this one for your business.

  • Duration: 12 months + 2 weeks QA
  • Language: English, Russian, Indonesian, Malay
  • Release: Feb 2016



  • Providing maximum security
  • Convenience and efficiency in the fund management
  • Complete analytics and statistics to improve trading strategy
  • Affiliate and PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) programs for passive income