Taras G

The design is my lifestyle. The art ends when the design begins. I am experienced in design for more than 5 years, throughout I have been working on all scope of digital design. Lately, I work with the emphasis on UX/UI Design for Web and mobile applications.
The main design development objective is the creation of intense visual product representation which will stand out from competitors and satisfy the last user’s requirements as much as possible.
I consider each design step is as a toddler that needs to be raised, we have to be in consideration of every aspect of the hit.
My workflow depends on data input and problem description. At the first meeting I always ask two questions: “Who are you?” and “Who will use your product?”. It depends on how we build or use your brand visual identity and find common ground with the user.
I divide all development steps into 3 iterates (Pre-production, Production, Post-production) using the design thinking method.
On the first iterate, we will find the response to all your clients’ questions.
On the second, we find the very design decision that will give you maximum conversion.
On the third, we will collect all materials in a heap for further use.
I consider the work is done if you want to dope. If you are not afraid to challenge and show your product in a lovely wrapper, let’s get started now! In fact, you are a bespoke unicorn that everyone wants to see – I can help you with an impressive entry.

Taras G



Black Milk design, Logofolio, SweetVape site Design

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