A blockchain is largely a distributed database of records or open record of all transactions or virtual activities that have been executed and shared among taking interest parties. Every transaction in the public ledger is validated by the consensus of a majority of the participants within the gadget. What's more, once entered, information can by no means be erased. The blockchain carries a sure and verifiable record of every single transaction ever made. Bitcoin, the decentralized peer ­to­ peer advanced cash, is the most well-known illustration that makes use of the blockchain era. The digital currency bitcoin itself is exceptionally controversial however the underlying blockchain era has labored flawlessly and determined the extensive variety of programs in each monetary and non­financial world.

Fridn Application

We have developed a unique application for the company that includes blockchain, healthcare lifestyle, the opportunity to earn, attracting new members of the system and using the exchange to buy and sell crypto assets. The main idea of the application is the user’s reward for achievements. At the moment, a cash reward has been realized for the running. In order to start mining money, it’s enough for the user to use the fitness bracelet and the Fridn app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

The development goes on and soon it will be available to connect different types of bracelets and smart watches, as well as mining with the help of a different activity (not just running).

We developed the Frind application based on ReactNative technology. We highly recommend this technology, because it allows you to compile one source code on both iOS and Android while producing native (non-hybrid) applications. This significantly speeds up and reduces the cost of developing and debugging the app. If you have an idea for an application and want to implement it, please fill in the order form of the app.


Branding, Design, Development, UI, UX


Android, Backend, Blockchain, Database, Django, iOS, PostgreSQL, Python

Related technologies:

Jade, Less, NodeJS, Gulp.js