MySQL is the most approved open source database in the world.

No matter if you are a fast growing web resource, ISV technology or an outsized enterprise, MySQL will assist you with cost-effectively deliver superior and scalable database applications. It is doubtless that this database is a fruitful thing for site maintenance. Here you can store information such as lists, comments, etc. It also has database management systems which serve for an easy database running. Sometimes it is even called "muscle". So if you hear the expression "engine on the muscle” it indicates MySQL. The main advantages of the database are the high speed of operating, the speed of data processing and optimal reliability. It should be noticed that this DBMS is free open source software. Due to this you can make your own changes and modify the code. MySQL is on the map as not only the most secure but also reliable database management system. For this reason, developers use it in popular web applications: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Facebook and Twitter. You can greatly provide any business with data protection and support for transaction processing that accompanies the recent version of MySQL, especially if it is an e-commerce business that includes frequent cash transfers.

Fridn Website

We have developed several components for the N.KRAT Group Co in the Fridn ecosystem: Fridn.Extracting, Fridn.Exchange and Fridn.Merchant.
In addition, we have made a design and developed a website which displays all the information about this project.
Website design is developed with the following requirements:

  • Show uniqueness of the project
  • Be memorable, add weight to the brand Fridn
  • Reduce User’s Cognitive Effort
  • Do not Waste User’s Time With Trifles
  • Attempt to Focus a Visitor’s Attention
  • Do not Complicate Things

The site is based on WordPress platform. Our team added additional functionality to the site control panel. This allowed us to give the client complete and convenient control over the content of the site.


Branding, Design, Development, UX, Web Design


Gulp.js, I18next, Jade, Less, MySQL, WordPress

Related technologies:

NodeJS, Webpack, Angular 7