Angular 7, Less, NodeJS

Related technologies:

WordPress, Jade, Gulp.js, Webpack

To start with, it is a very engaging project that allows users to order window designs from home. We implemented 3D realistic visualization of the design, made the accurate calculation of costs and took into consideration scraps and rests. Multi-Level Marketing affiliate program and the ability to integrate this program makes product promotion simple and effective into any partner site.

We have already developed the third version of the calculator.  Our team constantly improves functionality and convenience. We use the Agile software development methodology so that we can make improvements to the computer-aided design (CAD) and draft software application that we have developed.

The application was successfully brought into operation at several plants on a global basis. There are also modules of integration in CRM and production.

  • Duration: 6 years QA
  • Language: English
  • Release: Jan 2017, доработка ведется и сейчас

WindowsCalculator project is highly ambitious. It has been ahead of window-based design market for some years to come. We are definitely proud of taking part in this project, and we keep developing it further. You can order online CAD system now.

Link: Windows Calculator


To develop an online system that allows site users to design easily, find out the cost without specific skills and order window constructions.

We have used a stack of the most advanced technologies and frameworks to solve this task including Angular, ThreeJS, NodeJS, Socket.IO, D3, AWS Lambda, BigData, MongoDB, PostgreSQL etc. We used Unit testing to refactor code, and GUI testing to manually or automatically generate all the releases The system has also protected unit control where the administrators can rule the price for attachments, look through the orders and change the participants’ roles in the system. To keep under control calculation formula and design completing units, the versatile algorithms were implemented depending on the preferences of the production plant. On top of that, metric units can be modified (for instance, from inches to millimetres).