Webpack is a tool with the main purpose is to collect all your .js files in any number of bundles you need.

It is to also make sure that in the assembled package there are all .js files of your project in the correct order. Webpack is currently the most popular tool not only because of a large number of developers actively supporting it but also because of the number of additional features available to it, such as loaders and plugins. With their help, you can easily start various processes before and after Webpack has collected your files. This allows you to build a static asset pipeline (assets), like the following:
  • Translate your files from es6 to es5
  • Translate your .less or .scss files into a regular .css file.
  • Minimize your files (reduce file size)
  • Remove all comments from all files (to further reduce the file size)
  • Add all custom fonts and icons to the output file (so that they are available immediately, without the delay associated with additional HTTP requests)
  • It will place all your code in one js file, and all the libraries in other js files (so that they can be cached in the browser since they are unlikely to ever change in a stable project).
  • Gather all your .css assemblies (bundles) into one file.
  • Automatically change the version of the output file (to avoid problems with caching the browser when changing content).
  • Automatically inserts files as or
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Jade, Less, Webpack, WordPress

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