Jade, Less, Webpack, WordPress

Related technologies:

Gulp.js, Vue.js, Angular 7, NodeJS

Pricer is a global leader in digital shelf-edge solutions. With over 15,000 installations in more than 50 countries, Pricer enhances store performance and the consumer’s shopping experience. We developed Pricer site with WordPress CMS inherently. 

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To develop a minimal enterprise site suitable for content management and fetch the content out of site automatically is our top target.

Generally, our site is based on CMS Wordpress and has its own custom theme. Next, we optimized the site loading speed. Moreover, we focused on SEO optimizing for HTML code. We developed a content part following the site. This task is automated and done according to the schedule. Finally, the priority of our decision is speed development, the high-performance rate of the site, content administrative convenience and media resources on the site.