Angular 7

Angular 7 is a trend in modern web processing.

It is worth noting that Angular 7 is the most promising JavaScript - an open source framework. The development of single page applications is the main determination. The goal of the framework is to develop browser-based applications. Based on the MVC template, as well as simplify testing and development. There are a lot of characteristics in Angular like modules, components. We build applications based on a set of modules. Components, in their turn, are responsible for the appearance and interaction with the user. The components represent the "building blocks" of the Angular application. The basic idea is to split user interfaces into component parts. Also, Angular has a two-way binding function. This allows you to change the data in one place of the interface if you change the model data in another. Moreover, in Angular 7, there are templates, routing, etc.

We have the ability to create dynamic reactive applications (regular websites). You do not need to reload the pages. When you go to a new page, it appears instantly.
One of the key points is the basic set of directives. They allow you to describe the behavior of individual elements and extend the syntax of HTML.
The next moment is a quick rendering. Thus, by using shadow DOM technology, can make rendering be faster.
Do not forget about the Angular Mobile Toolkit. It will allow you to create web applications. You will be able to download it instantly on any device, even without an Internet connection. Do you want to be ahead of your competitors? Start now!


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Angular 7, Less, NodeJS

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