Vue.js is a framework that is used to solve problems of the presentation level, it is easy to integrate it with other libraries and projects.

In other words, Vue.js is a tool that can be implemented gradually. The possibility of implementation is due to the fact that Vue.js is committed to progressiveness: The support of Vue.js can be added to an existing project, thanks to which its functionality will be significantly expanded. And it distinguishes it from other frameworks.

You can also use Vue.js to create single-page applications. The Vue.js framework is considered by many developers and customers as one of the most promising frameworks at the moment, since It is flexible, works fast and is actively developing. Surveys show this: in the JS survey for 2017, Vue.js won the first place in the category “I’ve HEARD about this framework and WOULD like to study (work with) it”).
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Oterea Website

Oterea – is a team of experts in the real estate industry. They are responsible for the technical due diligence of real estate transactions, as well as sustainability and quality assessments in the stages of development, planning, construction and operating process of a building’s life cycle.
We made a fast, modern and multilingual website based on WordPress and Vue. A mix of these technologies gave us a very comfortable admin panel in order to manage the content, a rapid response and high quality search engine optimization. The main goal of this site is to present the Oterea team to the world and that’s why we devoted a lot of time to the design.


Design, Development, UI, UX, Web Design


Vue.js, Webpack, WordPress

Related technologies:

Less, Jade, Gulp.js