User Experience Design means “experience of interaction”.

It includes various UX-components: information architecture, interaction design, graphic design, and content. In general, UX design implies an integrated approach to user interaction with the interface. Whether it’s a website, mobile application or any other program. Our UX-designers take into account all the little things in the development of the interface. Firstly, they start from the user’s environment. Secondly, the type of electronic device. And finally, they end with the ways of input and display of information.

 It is not enough to invest some amount of money to promote your resource to the first lines of search engines. Otherwise, users will leave the site. In conclusion, no effect. Thus, it is necessary to conduct a constant analysis of visitors actions to the resource. This kind of design is what experience/impression the user gets from working with the interface. Its modelling includes such area as information architecture. It handles:
  • organizing data in the application;
  • interactive design, focusing on the controls, mechanisms, and processes;
  • visual design;
  • study of usability that assesses the performance of users with an interface

Before ordering UX design you can get an estimation.

Fridn Website

We have developed several components for the N.KRAT Group Co in the Fridn ecosystem: Fridn.Extracting, Fridn.Exchange and Fridn.Merchant.
In addition, we have made a design and developed a website which displays all the information about this project.
Website design is developed with the following requirements:

  • Show uniqueness of the project
  • Be memorable, add weight to the brand Fridn
  • Reduce User’s Cognitive Effort
  • Do not Waste User’s Time With Trifles
  • Attempt to Focus a Visitor’s Attention
  • Do not Complicate Things

The site is based on WordPress platform. Our team added additional functionality to the site control panel. This allowed us to give the client complete and convenient control over the content of the site.


Branding, Design, Development, UX, Web Design


Gulp.js, I18next, Jade, Less, MySQL, WordPress

Related technologies:

NodeJS, Webpack, Angular 7

Fridn Application

We have developed a unique application for the company that includes blockchain, healthcare lifestyle, the opportunity to earn, attracting new members of the system and using the exchange to buy and sell crypto assets. The main idea of the application is the user’s reward for achievements. At the moment, a cash reward has been realized for the running. In order to start mining money, it’s enough for the user to use the fitness bracelet and the Fridn app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

The development goes on and soon it will be available to connect different types of bracelets and smart watches, as well as mining with the help of a different activity (not just running).

We developed the Frind application based on ReactNative technology. We highly recommend this technology, because it allows you to compile one source code on both iOS and Android while producing native (non-hybrid) applications. This significantly speeds up and reduces the cost of developing and debugging the app. If you have an idea for an application and want to implement it, please fill in the order form of the app.


Branding, Design, Development, UI, UX


Android, Backend, Blockchain, Database, Django, iOS, PostgreSQL, Python

Related technologies:

Jade, Less, NodeJS, Gulp.js

Black Milk design

When it comes to Black Milk site, it means a design and brand development for event agency that is majoring in running events. First of all, it is worth highlighting the fact that the core idea of the design is to create a unique and memorable image for a company. Stylish, unique and memorable that was the way of design for BlackMilk event agency!


Branding, Design, UI, UX, Visual Design, Web Design


Related technologies: