Web Design

Web Design Portfolio is the best way to attract maximum clients.

Let’s get to know how we can help you with designing an impressive portfolio for your site. We can create the design of a new site for you or redesign the existing one. We begin to learn what you want from the site, what’s your target audience and what actions they should perform. Next, we conduct research and develop a UI / UX design and Web Design which will get the job done.

As soon as developers complete their work and the site is ready, we will check the quality of the developers’ work, and write a list of comments.

After a time of the site operation, capture, analysis, and reporting of data we recommend you to do the research once again. Also, you may need to make adjustments to the Web Design of your site.

To get a design cost estimate for your site, fill out the web design form and give us as much information as possible about what you want to get as a result.

BlueAuditor Marketplace

Blue Auditor is the only digital marketplace platform that brings together all major green building certification standards in one single platform. We provide efficient processes for real estate managers, sustainability consultants, auditors and rating system providers. Green Building Certification has never been that efficient.

We are still working on this project by adding new roles and features.
At the initial stage, we conducted a thorough study of the target audience and a variety of projects related to real estate. We spent many hours discussing building the right architecture as this project can be considered unique.. As a result, we can painlessly add new functions to the formed interface.

We used Symfony PHP framework to build this project. In addition, our architecture allows us to implement new features and change application logic very quickly, to ensure that we can tune it according to market requests.

We wish our customer BlueEditor great success in all endeavours!

Oterea Website

Oterea – is a team of experts in the real estate industry. They are responsible for the technical due diligence of real estate transactions, as well as sustainability and quality assessments in the stages of development, planning, construction and operating process of a building’s life cycle.
We made a fast, modern and multilingual website based on WordPress and Vue. A mix of these technologies gave us a very comfortable admin panel in order to manage the content, a rapid response and high quality search engine optimization. The main goal of this site is to present the Oterea team to the world and that’s why we devoted a lot of time to the design.


Design, Development, UI, UX, Web Design


Vue.js, Webpack, WordPress

Related technologies:

Less, Jade, Gulp.js

epocketcash web site

Epocketcash is a unique service in which a customer earns real money and bonuses for performing tasks and becomes a nanoinfluenter, and the brand receives positive advertising and new customers. And all this in one smartphone!
The basis of the site is the idea that the world of advertising goes from smartphones.
Smartphone is a new billboard.


Design, UX, Visual Design, Web Design


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Black Milk design

When it comes to Black Milk site, it means a design and brand development for event agency that is majoring in running events. First of all, it is worth highlighting the fact that the core idea of the design is to create a unique and memorable image for a company. Stylish, unique and memorable that was the way of design for BlackMilk event agency!


Branding, Design, UI, UX, Visual Design, Web Design


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