Pet’s step

Duration  •  6 months
Language  •  English
Release  •   Jan 2020

Hey! Are you a dog lover? Or more of a cat person? Maybe birds? I know – rats!
This app is for pet owners. Be sure that your pet was fed today. Just select the name of your animal from the list of your pets and click “Fed”. A notification will be sent to your family members showing that your beloved furry friend has been fed today.

Perhaps you would you like to walk with more dog owners? Simply share your walking trail with your friends, family or all the users and they will have the opportunity to join you on your walk.

Every animal owner knows how important it is to not forget to visit the Vet. Just schedule an event in the app and you will receive a notification with all the details. It is as simple as that. Made with love for the pets (and the owners!)


To develop a system concept and implement it as applications for iOS and Android.

Our designers developed the UI / UX concept and using ReactNative we developed a convenient and fast application. Backend technology is Python. All data is stored on secure Amazon servers.