Postgres is an object-relational database management system.

PostgreSQL serves to provide support for applications which need data management, objects, and knowledge management. Therefore, the database supports all modern Unix systems.  That is to say nothing more nor less than 34 platforms.
 It will take a long time to describe the full list of PostgreSQL features. But let's coupled with the most basic:
  • On the one hand, reliability is a proven fact. It is obvious from the following features:
o full compliance with the principles of ACID - Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability.
o multiple Concurrency Control (MVCC) to maintain consistency of data in competitive conditions. MVCC means that each transaction sees the database version at the time the transaction starts.
o Write Ahead Logging (WAL) is a common mechanism for logging all transactions. That allows you to restore the system after possible failures.
o Point in Time Recovery (PITR) is the ability to restore a database (using WAL) at any time in the past.
o replication that increases the reliability of PostgreSQL.
o data integrity is the heart of PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL supports data-level consistency at the schema level - foreign keys, constraints.
o the openness of code means their absolute accessibility for anyone.
  • On the other hand, there are a lot of indexes on the use, intelligent query scheduler, thin locking system, memory buffer management and caching system, excellent scalability in competitive work.
o index support: standard, partial indices, functional indices (expressional indices)
 o the query scheduler provides the user with debugging queries and allows to configure the system.
o the lock system supports locking at a lower level. That allows you to maintain a high level of competitiveness while protecting the integrity of the data.
o buffer management and caching.

BlueAuditor Marketplace

Blue Auditor is the only digital marketplace platform that brings together all major green building certification standards in one single platform. We provide efficient processes for real estate managers, sustainability consultants, auditors and rating system providers. Green Building Certification has never been that efficient.

We are still working on this project by adding new roles and features.
At the initial stage, we conducted a thorough study of the target audience and a variety of projects related to real estate. We spent many hours discussing building the right architecture as this project can be considered unique.. As a result, we can painlessly add new functions to the formed interface.

We used Symfony PHP framework to build this project. In addition, our architecture allows us to implement new features and change application logic very quickly, to ensure that we can tune it according to market requests.

We wish our customer BlueEditor great success in all endeavours!

Pet’s step

Hey! Are you a dog lover? Or more of a cat person? Maybe birds? I know – rats!
This app is for pet owners. Be sure that your pet was fed today. Just select the name of your animal from the list of your pets and click “Fed”. A notification will be sent to your family members showing that your beloved furry friend has been fed today.

Perhaps you would you like to walk with more dog owners? Simply share your walking trail with your friends, family or all the users and they will have the opportunity to join you on your walk.

Every animal owner knows how important it is to not forget to visit the Vet. Just schedule an event in the app and you will receive a notification with all the details. It is as simple as that. Made with love for the pets (and the owners!)