React Native

React Native allows you to create hybrid mobile applications that will work on the platform of iOS, Android, the universal Windows platform and will not differ much from native applications.

Reasons to choose React Naive:
  • Cross-platform - The developer writes the main part of the code in Javascript - a common language for all platforms, and this code interacts with the native components of operating systems.
  • Reduction of time costs - Cross-platform and ease of development reduce the time required for the project (if compared with native development).
  • Automatic updates - updates are installed in applications automatically, and you do not need to perform the standard manual installation procedure through the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android).
If you want us to make a unique React Native application, let us know!

epocketcash app

We design and develop is a unique app in which a customer earns real money and bonuses for performing tasks and becomes a nanoinfluenter, and the brand receives positive advertising and new customers.

Pet’s step

Pet’s Step is a project for pet lovers. Plan a regular balanced diet, outings with friends and do not miss visits to the veterinarian. The Pet’s Step program will help you with this. Available on iOS and Android.


Design, Development, UI, UX


PostgreSQL, PushNotification, Python, React Native, Redux,

Related technologies:

Android, Django, iOS, AWS S3