is a library which helps to communicate between a client a browser and a server

This communication is bi-directional and this means that data can flow in both ways. Because these are always open that allows for real-time data flow in your application. is used not only for chat rooms. They include making multiple multiplayer browser games, collaborative code editing software, some kind of live text for sports and news websites, online drawing canvases, real-time “to do” apps etc.
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epocketcash app

EPocket Cash – an application where success comes to everyone. Make a post on Instagram, then you can get a cup of fine aromatic coffee in your favorite cafe for free. Upload a photo of newly purchased sneakers and you will earn money for your new product. Spend some time in the mall and get ice cream or snacks for your children for free. And if you don’t want to go anywhere at all, make money at home by doing exciting quizzes about brands and popular products.

Additionally if you have your own business make use of the huge audience in order to promote your products and create fans for your brands. Create quizzes, add promotional items and discover for yourself that there is no better way to advertise than to your friends via social networks. When using the application, you will find all the tools that you need to target and control your advertising business.

Pet’s step

Pet’s Step is a project for pet lovers. Plan a regular balanced diet, outings with friends and do not miss visits to the veterinarian. The Pet’s Step program will help you with this. Available on iOS and Android.


Design, Development, UI, UX


PostgreSQL, PushNotification, Python, React Native, Redux,

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Android, Django, iOS, AWS S3