PHP is the most demandable scripting language on the Web.

PHP is a highly regarded scripting language for expert web site development. Among the key players, this programming language has become first on the net development market within a previous couple of years. Also, it is the most well-liked for website development due to being simply embedded into HTML code. This programming language is a good choice to create a prototype and develop a static or dynamic site. We develop sites based on PHP to make life easier for our customers. Reserving such site, you take many benefits such as:
  •  the open source code and GPL license. Based on PHP, we can create prototypes and ready-made sites, which takes low costs budget.
  • we use its frameworks for Agile web applications, which allows us to fulfil the order. Applications become scalable and maintained.
  • it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, etc. It supports all servers that are leading the number of installations (Apache, IIS, iPlanet, etc.).
  • do you want a business application or a PHP-based site? Then our developers can help you with that within the requirements of short time and budget. The strategy for various customers is to attract a high-quality audience to the site. That is why PHP is what you need! As a result, you get the return on investment (ROI).
  • Our developers can also extend the site functionality and add custom extensions.

BlueAuditor Marketplace

Blue Auditor is the only digital marketplace platform that brings together all major green building certification standards in one single platform. We provide efficient processes for real estate managers, sustainability consultants, auditors and rating system providers. Green Building Certification has never been that efficient.

We are still working on this project by adding new roles and features.
At the initial stage, we conducted a thorough study of the target audience and a variety of projects related to real estate. We spent many hours discussing building the right architecture as this project can be considered unique.. As a result, we can painlessly add new functions to the formed interface.

We used Symfony PHP framework to build this project. In addition, our architecture allows us to implement new features and change application logic very quickly, to ensure that we can tune it according to market requests.

We wish our customer BlueEditor great success in all endeavours!