Push notifications are short messages that a web resource sends to its subscribers to computers and mobile devices.

Such notifications return the user to the site that he has already visited (and they do it much more efficiently than contextual advertising or any other type of mass mailings). The technical capabilities of push-mailings allow developing a more productive and “responsive” marketing strategy to user behavior. Push emails have a lot of advantages compared to other communication channels (E-mail, SMS, instant messengers):
  • Pushes are easy to install on the site,
  • It’s very easy to subscribe to them
  • The appearance of notifications does not repel recipients,
  • The message sending strategy can be quickly adjusted (change the time, duration, etc.),
  • Design development does not require intensive preparation (as is the case with banners for contextual advertising),
  • Push results are objectively evaluated using statistics
  • Each next newsletter plan is based on the experience of previous ones.

All these factors make push-notifications an indispensable tool for marketing strategy, as in multi-channel use (in conjunction with other mailing services), and separately. In each area of business, "pushy" find their application and become reliable support for a long and reliable contact with the client.
If you want to have PushNotification in your product, let us know!

epocketcash app

We design and develop is a unique app in which a customer earns real money and bonuses for performing tasks and becomes a nanoinfluenter, and the brand receives positive advertising and new customers.

Pet’s step

Pet’s Step is a project for pet lovers. Plan a regular balanced diet, outings with friends and do not miss visits to the veterinarian. The Pet’s Step program will help you with this. Available on iOS and Android.


Design, Development, UI, UX


PostgreSQL, PushNotification, Python, React Native, Redux, Socket.io

Related technologies:

Android, Django, iOS, AWS S3