Branding is a long but significant process.

First of all, it involves the creation of a unique name and image for the product. It’s something that our customers dream up and want to have.  Frankly speaking, a brand is really important in today’s world marketing. Do you want your brand to be recognized among the rest? Do you want to be a high-flyer so that your dealers and representatives desire to follow your style clearly? So, we can develop everything for you: catchy brand, recognizable logo, brand book, promotion plan and its representation on the Internet, conduct offline events. We are here to help you get users’ attention! We make your brand be effective and persuasive! We will create the eye-catching logo and the slogan won’t be irritating. We are sure you will get the correct branding!

When filling out the order form for brand development, please note that this is a painstaking work that requires not only a full calculation from our specialists but also a lot of your attention and time.

BlueAuditor Marketplace

Blue Auditor is the only digital marketplace platform that brings together all major green building certification standards in one single platform. We provide efficient processes for real estate managers, sustainability consultants, auditors and rating system providers. Green Building Certification has never been that efficient.

We are still working on this project by adding new roles and features.
At the initial stage, we conducted a thorough study of the target audience and a variety of projects related to real estate. We spent many hours discussing building the right architecture as this project can be considered unique.. As a result, we can painlessly add new functions to the formed interface.

We used Symfony PHP framework to build this project. In addition, our architecture allows us to implement new features and change application logic very quickly, to ensure that we can tune it according to market requests.

We wish our customer BlueEditor great success in all endeavours!

Black Milk design

When it comes to Black Milk site, it means a design and brand development for event agency that is majoring in running events. First of all, it is worth highlighting the fact that the core idea of the design is to create a unique and memorable image for a company. Stylish, unique and memorable that was the way of design for BlackMilk event agency!


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The logo identifies your company in its entirety. The more successful logo you have, the more successful company is It should be so memorable for clients. 

With the help of Design Logos, we are able to express creativity and imagination. It makes a sense of life for our team. Digital design is the ideal way to spread your creative wings. They have the opportunity to create visual worlds that influence current aesthetics and trends. Just order Design Logos to get workable websites. It will be desirable and commercially successful.

All phases include the development process like pre-production, production, post-production. We can perform a full range of digital design. Leave a request, and then order a design for a site or an application.


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